Chores That Kids of All Ages Can Do

Little ones may be too young to help with some household tasks, but there are many jobs that even the littlest member of your family can do. From sweeping to sorting socks, here are tips for having your preschooler make major contributions around the house.

22 Chores Kids Can Do That Are Perfect for Preschoolers

1) Sort socks.

2) Put clothes in the hamper. Have older kids match the tops to the bottoms when they’re ready for a trip to the washing machine.

3) Dust with a damp cloth or mop. To prevent your toddler from breathing in any chemicals, use only water on their dusting cloths and rags (or make your own, by cutting up old cotton T-shirts).

4) Water plants.

5) Fold washcloths or hand towels after use to keep them fresh and ready for the next person who needs one.

6) Make their bed with hospital corners as a special treat!

7) Sort silverware as it’s removed from the dishwasher. It’s a great opportunity to talk about matching similar items (tablespoons with other tablespoons, knives with other knives), and takes only seconds to do!

8) Vacuum or sweep the floor.

9) Plant flowers in the garden or help pick them out for indoors. They’re perfect to present to Mom after they’re planted!

10) Fold clean clothes neatly. If your child is old enough to do this alone, make sure they only pick up items that are inside out and back to front (so they can see the tags). This will help them learn how to put things on correctly as soon as you put them away.

11) Sort recyclables.

12) Dust the furniture and each individual lampshade (with a slightly damp rag or cloth).

13) Water indoor plants. If you use non-toxic water, your child can even take plant food along with the water to help out their leafy friends!

14) Clean windows and mirrors – just be sure to use a neutral cleaner that won’t leave streaks.

15) Make sandwiches for lunch or snacks. You can even make mini-ones for younger children to try!

16) Fold and put away towels in the bathroom after use, while they’re still warm and damp.

17) Stir ingredients together when you prepare dinner (such as meatloaf or spaghetti sauce) and add spices.

18) Toss a salad for dinner.

19) Wash the car on a warm day with an adult — it’s great fun! If they’re old enough, have them use the hose to rinse off the car afterwards while you hose down all of its wheel wells.

20) Carry their plate to the sink after dinner.

21) Sweep or mop your kitchen floor (with an adult, of course).

22) Water outdoor plants (they dry out faster than you think!).