How to Host an Awesome Sleepover for Tweens

There’s no such thing as too much fun when you’re a tween! Tweens can host an awesome sleepover with just a few extra supplies. Here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect sleepover!


  • Bunches of friends  (more than five)
  • Pizza and movies  (video games and candy work well, too)
  • A room for everyone to sleep in
  • Sleeping bags or blankets
  • Flashlights

Party Tips:

1. Play group games like cards against humanity (you can either make your own deck by printing out the cards and cutting them out or buy the real thing on Amazon ).

2. Play flashlight tag: Instead of playing a game like tag, play a game of flashlight tag where you only go after players who aren’t holding flashlights (holding flashlights makes you safe).

3. Watch movies and eat snacks! Here are some ideas for both:

  • Movies:  Anything light hearted and fun works. Older Rom-Coms seem to be the perfect background noise to a chatty bunch. You don’t want a serious movie that calls for silence in the room
  • Snacks: popcorn, chips and salsa, jolly ranchers, gummy worms, chocolate candy bar (don’t forget to buy the mini ones like snickers), fruit roll ups.

4. Tell spooky stories by flashlight! When people fall asleep, keep telling the stories so they stay awake.

5. Make s’mores! This is a fun idea to do at your sleepover, but you can also make them at home beforehand and take the supplies with you when you set up camp in your sleeping room.

To make s’mores, roast some marshmallows over a candle or use a microwave. Don’t forget the graham crackers and chocolate!

6. Set up tents! If you have the space, set up a tent in your common sleeping room. You can use flashlights or tell spooky stories to stay awake (see number 5).

7. Tell ghost stories around the campfire! This is best done when it’s dark out and everyone has had dinner and you’re in your sleeping room. If you don’t have time to make a real campfire, turn off the lights and tell spooky stories with flashlights.

8. Don’t let anyone fall asleep! This might seem like it’s not fun for you or your guests, but once you start falling asleep at sleepovers, it becomes pretty common. To avoid this, set an alarm for every hour to keep everyone awake.

9. Play more games! After a long first day of playing, you’ll be tired and want to go to bed, but try to fight the temptation and play a few more games before going to sleep. If everyone’s really tired, just tell stories by flashlight or have a pillow fight.

10. In the morning, set out a huge breakfast spread or have cereal, muffins, and fruit.

More Sleepover for Teens Tips:

1.   If you have an inflatable mattress for your friends to sleep on, blow it up at least an hour before everyone goes to sleep.

2.   If you’re game for it, ask your friends what they want to do! They might have ideas that are better than mine.

3.   Don’t forget any of the supplies I mentioned or you’ll end up with a pretty boring party.

4.   Have fun!

5. Have at least two flashlights per person. Have more if you have a big room to do flashlight tag in. You won’t need a campfire if you’re going to tell spooky stories by flashlight.