Reading with your children while they are still at their tender age is a worthwhile practice that comes with numerous benefits. Studies have revealed that, when a parent reads with the kid, especially when he or she reads loud, the child will not jut have fun while enjoying listening to the parent read, but also learns basic literacy skills.

As a parent, you should always note that, reading aloud to your children can help them learn how to read as well. This also help them develop their language skills. Reading books with your children is also a great way to bond with one another and encourage more positive interactions between the two of you.

Benefits of Reading with Your Children

Reading with your children comes with numerous benefits. In a nutshell, it improves your child’s vocabulary and reading skills, help them to understand the world better, and also give them something fun to do.

Many people believe that children should learn to read on their own.

If you want your child to become a good reader and to enjoy reading, lead them to read every other day. Reading with your child, or having them read to you, is one of the most powerful ways to have them learn.

Vocabulary Expansion

Reading helps children learn new words and expand their vocabulary. If they read a word that they do not know, they can look it up in the dictionary. If the child does not know how to use the dictionary, then you will be available to help them out.

Learning new words is important because it helps children think more independently and improve their critical thinking skills. Using new words also help them build the connections in the brain for processing of information.

Exposure to The World

Reading also helps your child understand the world better. When they read, they get exposed to events that may not be similar to our own experiences. When children read books about things they have not experienced, it can help them learn to set aside their own biases and imagine the world from a different perspective.

As a parent, you should help them discover the world by guiding them while reading together.

Reading Skills Development

Reading loud to your children will learn from you. They will know how to read by themselves and that enhances their reading skills. It also implants in them a reading culture that will go a long way in shaping their overall connection with books.

Bonding and Fun

Reading can also be a fun activity. It allows children to learn about new places and make up different stories of their own. It is sometimes more interesting to read than to play video games or watch cartoons.

It is, therefore, important to have fun while reading with your child or children. Also, as you read with your children, you also get to bond well with them.

How Can Parents Help the Children to Read?

A parent is always a role model to the child. If a parent loves to read, the child will definitely follow the steps. Therefore, as a parent, you should always get involved in helping your children learn through the following ways:

Keeping a Variety of Books

One way to encourage your child to read is by keeping a variety of books in your house. If you don’t have any book at home, you can make arrangements with the nearest library, borrow, or take your child with you to the library.

Where possible, you can buy a variety of books that are friendly to the kids. These can be:

  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • magazines
  • informational text
  • and comic books

Listening to Them and Asking Questions

You can also help your children to read by listening to them read while asking them questions about the books that they are reading. When you ask them questions, they will develop a keen mindset to understand what they are reading so that they can answer questions.


While reading with your children is beneficial, you should never force your children to read a book that they do not want. This is because, he or she might be interested in some that cover what they like most.

As long as you help them find their own interests and keep a variety of books at home, whatever your child decides to pick up will be full of opportunities for learning and growth.