There’s this book, Positive Girl: the Power of Your Thoughts, that’s geared towards helping young girls mostly during the tween years develop positive thinking skills. This skill is what will help them come back to an optimistic place in their life when times get difficult.

Remember, no matter how optimistic and good of a person you are, life will get difficult from to time and things won’t always go as planned. That’s why I wanted to feature some tips on how to raise optimistic confident children.

Having the power of positive thinking and a confident attitude will go a long way in developing the core person inside your little child.

This book will truly help guide your tween daughter forward in being a confident young girl.

But I don’t want her to be a glass-is-half-full type of person. I want her to be realistic!”

You’ll notice that the book doesn’t say “Fake it ’til you make it.” What we mean by optimistic is not as rosy as people might think. When they’re faced with problems, they can come up with solutions.

I know this is not an easy task. Sometimes, children are so used to being shielded from anything that could be remotely difficult for them. They don’t have the coping skills yet to deal with it on their own. That’s why I included some tips on how to raise confident kids since this skill will help them solve any problem that comes their way.

Offer Positive Feedback

This is not new to most parents who are actively trying to raise confident children. The trick is to not overdo it because the child will grow tired of hearing it and won’t believe anything you tell them anymore. Keep your feedback realistic so they could do something with it.

Offer Praise for a Job Well Done

With this kind of positive reinforcement, children will slowly realize they can do what other kids can. They also have something to bank on when they’re feeling down. They will find the strength to keep on trying even when they fail, knowing that there’s hope in being successful if they continue.

Offer Suggestions for Alternative Actions

This is where you have to have some patience with your kids because it will take time before they’ll agree to change plans. But eventually, they’ll learn to adapt to certain situations.

Offer Praise for Little Improvements

Even when it’s just a small improvement, kids will learn early on that they are capable of achieving more than what others might think. They’ll eventually believe in themselves and keep pushing towards their goals.

Read Books on Confidence Building for Kids

There’s a whole list of them in the library and bookstore. This is one activity you can do together with your kids because it will give them positive feelings about themselves while enjoying your company at the same time.

Of course, buying my Positive Girl The Power of Your Thoughts book will help, plus it was written by my daughter and me together! My daughter was 9 when we published the book together.

As parents, we cannot provide all of these things on our own because every child has his own needs. So it’s up to us to look for advice on how to raise confident children.

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