How Can a Private Investigator Help with Child Custody?

When the couple who just separated or divorced are faced with a tough choice on who to take custody, or who is the best suitable parent to serve the best interests of the child, private investigators may come in handy to offer great help that otherwise would be hard to obtain. This normally happens when the parents have resorted to settling their matters in court. 

The court process would require each parent to present substantial evidence that would be used by the judge to determine the best suitable parent to take primary custody. Since each parent wants to obtain custody, the judge would always scrutinize the facts from each side of the case to find out the best suitable arrangement that would be in the best interests of the child. 

A parent who may not have sufficient evidence and is scared that the other parent may not be well-suitable may use a private investigator to help in doing investigations regarding several issues that touch on the child and parenting. This information or findings will be used in court as evidence and the judge would then decide after both parties have presented their evidence. 

What Will a Private Investigator Help With?

A private investigator is very helpful when it comes to child custody battles. He or she helps to gather information and evidence that would otherwise be hard to obtain without an investigator. This is the case when finding out the suitability of the parent, or where you suspect the parent to be unfit to hold custody while the case is pending in court. A private investigator would, therefore, help with the following:

Assessing the Home Environment 

The home environment must be safe, clean, and conducive for the child. If the parent is living in an environment that would be harmful to the child, the private investigator will take note of all the risks and safety concerns, and whether that environment is loving, safe, clean, and suitable to serve the best interests of the child or not. 

Criminal Record of The Parent

The private investigator is helpful when it comes to digging criminal records. The other parent may be having some records on file that perhaps you don’t have access to at the moment of your child custody case. This can be helpful evidence to use, especially if the records on file are related to cases of domestic violence, abuse, or where the child or the other parent is the victim. 

The Morality of The Parent 

An immoral parent may negatively affect the child’s emotional and psychological well-being. Therefore, it may not serve the best interests of the child to stay in an environment where the parent subjects or exposes him or her to immoral behaviors. If you suspect that the other parent is or has exposed the child to immoral behaviors, then that would be suitable evidence to have for a child custody battle and the best way to have that evidence is to seek the help of a private investigator. 

How Can a Private Investigator Help with Child Custody?

Alcohol and Drug Use 

If you think the child is in an unsafe environment where he or she is exposed to drugs and alcohol by the other parent, a private investigator comes in handy in this situation. The investigator will help gather evidence to prove the perceptions that you hold about the other parent are unfit. With this evidence, you will be a step ahead in winning the child custody case. 

Child Abuse and Neglect 

Cases of child abuse and neglect are not taken for granted when there is evidence to prove the same. It is easy for a parent to lose custody of the child if he or she is proven to have been perpetrating abuse and being neglectful to the child. This evidence is also best served by a private investigator and that will be helpful when you are facing a child custody battle. 

Child’s Relationship with The Parent 

The relationship or bond that exists between the parent and the child is also important in a child custody case. The court considers this as one of the factors to determine which parent is best suitable to serve the best interests of the child. A private investigator will also help to find out the kind or level of relationship that exists between the parent and the child. 

How Does a Private Investigator Obtain Information?

The work of a private investigator, as the name suggests, is to investigate matters regarding child custody and obtain evidence that can be used in a child custody case. An investigator will employ different strategies to ensure that he or she obtains all the relevant information and evidence through the following means:

Witness Interviews 

A private investigator will talk to all the witnesses that may know the character of the parent being investigated. These may include the neighbors, friends of the parent, family members, or any other party that may know the parent well. This will help to reveal the character of the parent being investigated, and their past behaviors, and whether they are suitable or not to have custody.

Background Search

This investigation touches on anything around the past relationships, criminal behavior, asset search, and any other valuable information or records that would be helpful in a child custody case. The investigator will also do a background check on the safety issues and the home environment of the parent that is being investigated. 


Surveillance is meant to obtain the most confidential information that the parent in question may be holding. Due to privacy laws, the information and footage stamps or videos collected are done in public places by undercover means. The videos and photographs alone may tell the whole story of the parent and can be useful evidence in a child custody case. 


In summary, a private investigator is very useful in the areas that we have covered above. If you are facing a child custody battle and perhaps you are blank or do not have sufficient evidence for your case, a private investigator will be helpful. 

It is also important to note that the best interests of the child should prevail in all circumstances. Therefore, if the other parent is unlikely to offer the best for the child, is abusive, neglectful, or engaged in behaviors and activities that do not serve the best interests of the child, it is a great idea to have a private investigator to help you gather the evidence you will need to win your case.